Karimun, 27/12 - Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) Karimun regency, Riau Islands eventually opened a fit and proper test (Test the feasibility and propriety) of the 34 prospective members Panwaslu Subdistrict, Saturday (27/12).

Fit and proper test to the 34 prospective members of the Panwaslu Subdistrict, to be held in the Office of Panwaslu Karimun Regency, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Telaga Mas Complex, Santiago Karimun, Riau Islands.

We are grateful''fit and proper test can be conducted after the end was delayed a few months, due to less berminatnya citizens to register,''said the chairman of Panwaslu Karimun regency, Taswin Ariadi, SH at Shilo Karimun, Saturday (27/12).

According to Taswin, the number of candidates in the Subdistrict Panwaslu fit and proper test as many as 34 persons. For the graduate, will be placed in nine sub-districts, each Subdistrict Karimun, one, Cliff, gourd, gourd West, North gourd, Moro, hunting and Subdistrict Durai.

Although the number of these minimal, but the fit and proper test is very urgent, given the phases of the election and is running close to the stage pencoblosan.

In each district the number of candidates who fit and proper follow ranged from four to six people. However, the number of these provisions have been met, because each district, members Panwas it's three. Moreover, we do not have time for open enrollment,''the blogosphere.

According to Taswin, coming in January 2009, candidates for Subdistrict Panwaslu passed fit and proper test, is expected to be appointed and start its work as a supervisor at the district level elections.

What is clear, in the month they have been appointed and work.What is clear, in time soon we will plenum related announcement graduation candidates who took the test fit and proper is,''harapnya.

Taswin explained, the existence of Panwaslu Sub-district is very important in helping the task Panwaslu District, particularly in overseeing the implementation of the campaign.

''We may not supervise up to it, especially from the comprised Karimun islands will be difficult for us to do the tasks and functions that we have,''tandasnya.

Besides shaping Kecamatan Panwaslu, according to legal practitioners, the next task is a form of the Election Committee (Panwaslu) field located in the village and village each one.

''There are 54 villages and villages in the district this end, so the number of Panwaslu in the field that will shape our future as it also,''he said.

Taswin add, for now, the focus is still in the complete structure of Panwaslu to the lower level, because it is very urgent. Next, prepare a new program in an effort to proper and peaceful elections in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

''At least we can detect every possible violation,''he added.

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