Karimun, 1 / 1 - Program of tourism in Karimun, Riau Islands is not considered appropriate targets and does not touch the objects that tourism should be interesting mainstay in foreign tourists.

''Based on the observations during 2008, a number of tourism does not indicate a change means, such as improvements to the quality of facilities and prasarananya,''said Junaidi, a citizen Pangke, Meral District, on Thursday (1 / 1).

According to Junaidi, a tourism that is the impression terabaikan opposition Beach, the largest coastal tourism and teramai people visited this seemed less organized, Isn'T addition of infrastructure facilities, maintenance facilities that are considered to be less.

Note''pondoknya-alone cottages, some of the roof has been damaged and leaking, as well as seat-kursinya that should have been replaced or repaired,''said traders asongan this.

Junaidi, said the local government must take serious competitor beach tourism, because the beach is very interesting potential to be developed in the foreign tourists. As well as tourism, such as waterfalls and the beach during this Pongkar often become tourist destinations.

Rating''our tourism program which is often the events of the votes less than the target. tourism campaign that accompanied the incentive must be a priority, especially tourism sector is one of the mainstay of this region,''Junaidi more clearly.

It also said the same, Ramli Pangke other people, enter the year 2009, the local government must change the priorities in the tourism sector. Tourism activities do not only focus on arts events, but more on the development of tourism potential that exists.

We believe, tourist traffic is increasing. If tourism is not managed, not just foreign tourists who are reluctant to visit, museums are also declining,''he said.

Head Office of Tourism Karimun Regency, Drs. Syuryaminsyah confirmed at less terurusnya related objects tour, and Thursday (1 / 1), said for tourism, such as beach Pongkar actually be used subsisi of funds through the district, because the physical development of tourism is not budgeted through the Office of Tourism, but other agencies .

''made by agents and Bappeda Office PU. Whereas in 2008, the activities of tourism that we do indeed focus on the events according to the calendar of tourism have been developed,''the light of Wak Min, call Syuryaminsyah familiar.

However, for the year 2009, the program has put the development of object-related tourism is budgeted to be in the budget, but its implementation is not done Tourism Office but other technical agencies.

''In addition to the development of tourism, local governments also are building roads on the perimeter Gloria Beach. In the circle this way we will build a garden city as a central tourism in the city center,''he said.

development of parks in the city ring road will be budgeted through the budget of the Province of Rp600 million.

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